Saksham Ghimire


Learn about me and what I do.


My Background


I grew up in Kathmandu - capital of Nepal. A land culturally enriched yet under huge western influence; especially on youngsters. After my high schooling in Kathmandu, I landed into the United States for my further studies. I have lived in Michigan and Texas - also visited almost 80% of the United States. I'm into leadership, travel, languages, art, architecture, design, music and billiards. Most importantly, I am a student away from home enjoying my stay here.

My Present


After living for a few years in Michigan and Texas, I transferred to University of Wisconsin-Stout located in Menomonie, WI. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. I am also an active member in the Universty's IEEE branch and also volunteer as a webmaster there. Secondly, I work for Events Services - where we basically setup/run concerts and shows. I get to work with professional sound and lightning equipments which is a lot of fun!

My Team


Besides homeworks and assignments, I spend a lot of time on my computer and doing multiple projects. I do a lot of web designing and backend programming. When I am bored I do other graphics and multimedia stuffs. Being a computer engineering major, I keep particular interest in microcontrollers and electronics. Normally, you may find me teaming up with my roomates and doing some sort of project at home. Also, I have friends on the internet from all around the world that help me with my projects and learning process.

People I have worked with


I have worked for the most awesome people around. Sometimes, I work for them and sometimes - along with them. I have done a lot of volunteer work as a web designer and a programmer in Texas. I have worked for businesses, firms, and my friends. I often do work for prizes too.

Timeline in brief

I used to be a kid around this time. Originally, my family wanted me to become a doctor which later changed into an airplane pilot and finally into an Engineer. I was getting more familiar with computers and electronics too.
My parents bought me a pentium III 733 mhz computer - it was an expensive piece of junk. I literally trashed my Atari video games and switched to the new generation of gaming. On the side, I started learning html and qBasic.
I dived into building websites and desktop programming. I built some basic softwares and games that praised me in school and in friend circles. I spent most of my time coding and got my first personal webite done. By then, I was also good with xhtml, javascript and early stages of CSS.
Started working with other programmers in town with a motive of innovating something. We did a lot of websites and learned how to program in php and mySql.
Brought myself all the way to the United States. Transferred to Texas and met some people whom I could team up and build something interesting. We did a lot of projects there!
Got into Computer Engineering Program. Having fun since then!